Charlie Roberts

Charlie Roberts

Pastor, author, entrepreneur/real estate investor, but most importantly Grace believing, intimate friend, devoted follower and son of the Most High God!

Born in White County, Indiana. Grew up on a rural farm near the Twin Lakes area, learning the values of a middle American, Christian family. Taught to believe, with a good work ethic, anything could be achieved.

After becoming an adult and studying the scriptures, I began to realize, “the Amazing Grace” that God has made abundantly available to each and everyone of us, and the dispensation of such. This realization, freed me from the burden of a lifetime of religion, allowing me to pursue the relationship, Jesus had been waiting to have with me, my whole life long.

This Grace awakening was a life changing moment, I felt as though I had been born again, for the second time. Not only making a choice to accept Christ, but also a life long choice, to pursue my new found relationship, wherever it led me. My relationship with Jesus wonderful Grace, has taken me to places I could’ve never envisioned, and given me so much to share.

My hope is, as you read the books I have authored, they will help you also come, to a deeper understanding and enlightenment, of God’s wonderful Grace. I encourage you, to come along on the amazing journey, as together we expose and explore, the endless possibilities of God’s Scandalous Grace!