I Am, I Can, I Will “a life Changing Declaration!” For far too long, the devil has stolen entirely too much from God’s people. It’s “High Time” we laid claim to what’s been ours since the beginning, made some Daily Declarations and said: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Making Daily Declarations about the Promises of God is Essential to our Relationship and our Walk, with our Saviour and our Creator. Because Sooner or later, what we proclaim out of our mouths is what we become in our lives. So why not proclaim what God has for us in and over our lives. And give Him Full Reign to work from the inside out!

The Bible clearly tells us of all the promises God has to offer us, from Genesis to Revelation. And the path to all the promises He made, runs right through the Cross of Calvary. That Jesus not only willingly suffered, but conquered and became Victorious over. So we could experience everything to the full, the Bible calls “the Abundant Life.” Not made possible by our own doing or effort. But solely by the Goodness, Mercy, Favor, Love and Amazing Grace of God!

Come explore and realize the limitless possibilities of God’s Grace like never before. Experience the extravagant distribution system He already has in place, to ensure your ability to have as much as you desire!

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My Scandalous Relationship with God will lead you on a memorable journey of how to recognize and avoid the mediocre circumstances life has a way of placing as roadblocks in the way of dreams to which you once aspired.

My Scandalous Relationship with God brings to focus the self realization of God’s Amazing Plans, for all our lives. Revealing the explosive goodness, God’s Grace continuously makes it possible for all of us to experience, each and everyday. Grace that will encourage you, build your faith and help establish your best life possible! The life you’re not only aspiring to live, but life on the grand scale. The abundant life God has provided for your enjoyment, every step of your journey to eternity!